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“Pakiza News” is Pakistan’s No 1 Video News Slider with full of Political opinions on all issues, Political entertainment, Video breaking News, Tips Tricks Videos and all daily .

Pakiza News is useful for anyone because it is believe on all privacy and its users. Our Team Members try their best to make available all the necessary Political breaking Videos and facts of your daily needs and importance.

For More info about us, Join us at www.pakizanews.com

If you also want to expend your Views & Ideas, Your favorite Videos, event all types of Political Talk shows, Please share us or send us Video embed code after hosing it on 3rd party Videos Platform.

***Pakiza News Team Members***

Chief Executive: XYZ

Chief Editor: Qamer Abbas

Project Director: Rizwan Shaikh

Affiliate Marking Manager: Muhammad Hassan Ali

Videos Editor: Wahab Abdul

Videos Editor: Hamza

Support Staff: Haq Nawaz, Murtaza

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